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Charlie Elgart is a life-long friend of Pinch Me! director Kevin McLaughlin, and the team was thrilled to make Charlie one of the first on board when the crew for this movie was assembled.  Charlie is set to be composer of the film's score.

Charlie is the recipient of a gold record for his work as producer/arranger and keyboardist on the album Najee's Theme by saxophonist Najee (Capitol/Manhattan/EMI). He served in the same capacity on Najee's second success Day By Day.

As a recording artist in his own right, Charlie has released critically acclaimed albums, two of which are Signs of Life and Balance (RCA/Novus) acting as composer, producer, arranger and engineer, as well as playing all keyboards.

Subsequent projects have been Refuge, a celebrated tour de force acoustic piano trio recording, and Joy, a robustly produced compilation of diverse themes.

Most recently Charlie enjoyed a position as an educator at Minneapolis' Institute Of Production And Recording. He served as an instructor of contemporary harmony and held an Artist's Mastery class.

While prepping for his work on Pinch Me!, Charlie is playing, teaching, and composing in Southern California.

On Refuge, along with trio members Kermit Driscoll and Mark Ferber, Charlie Elgart offers this masterful recording that compares favorably to the best jazz albums of the past 20 years”
- EMusic.com

Balance offers a series of emotions combining the finer elements of jazz and new age against a funky backdrop”              - Kelvin Ellis Sutton, RnB Report

Charlie Elgart is one of the most exciting jazz artists I've ever heard. He redefines the word "cool" with an imagination that rivals any of his peers.
- Dean Sciarra, ItsAboutMusic.com