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Itís young Steveís first day at his new summer job with the County Mosquito Control Commission, where heíll be fighting "New Jerseyís State Bird" by spraying chemicals down sewers. To show  Steve the ropes, the boss assigns Larry, an 11-year veteran of the job who threw away the rule book long ago. The day is still young when the guys go swimming, breaking the cardinal rule: "Never leave your vehicle." Before long, their jeep has been "borrowed" by the mysterious man-child, Eddie the K.

Larry enlists his air-head girlfriend, Diane, and her pal Melissa, to help locate the missing jeep before the boss finds out itís gone. Innocent Steve becomes a helpless pawn in a comedy of errors where he must learn to adapt or be trampled by the insanity of it all.

The day proves to be a major turning point for Steve, as he learns to take life a little more lightly and appreciate the hidden qualities in his new friends.