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The Pinch Me! soundtrack will feature new songs by Willie Nile. Charlie Elgart will compose the underscore and serve as the film’s soundtrack producer.

The Lemongrass Band will also be represented on the soundtrack. A number of other noted artists are currently in discussion with the filmmakers to work out the details of their contributions.

The soundtrack began to take shape when Willie Nile gathered his bandmates, The Worry Dolls, in the New York studio of drummer Rich Pagano. Guitarist Andy York took a break from his tour with John Mellencamp and teamed up with Willie, Pagano, and bassist Brad Albetta to turn out five outstanding tracks, "Run," "The Man Who Used to Be," "Brain Damage," and two versions of "Pinch Me!", one for the film's open and another for the closing credits. Charlie Elgart added some organ tracks to round out the sounds, and the reaction to the songs has been excellent.

For those anxious to hear these tunes, watch this website. Right now, you can download an MP3 file of the "Pinch Me!" closing theme song. A music video for "Pinch Me!" should be available soon. And both "Brain Damage" and "The Man Who Used to Be" are featured on Willie Nile’s current release, "Beautiful Wreck of the World," named by both Billboard Magazine and and The Village Voice as one of the ten best albums of the year!

A sixth song has also found its way to tape. "Once in a Lullaby" is a gentle ballad that will be heard during a fantasy/love scene in the film. We started out with one of Willie Nile’s beautiful melodies, played on the piano by Charlie Elgart, and then recorded a vocal duet with Willie and Warner Brothers/Giant recording artist Michelle Lewis. The result was pure magic and the tune is sure to become a favorite.

Another contributor to the soundtrack is Heather Eatman, who wrote a new song for the film, "How." You can hear it on Heather's new CD, "Real."


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