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This is the corner of the "Pinch Me!" website where you will find the latest news on the progress of the film. When shoot time comes, we'll have behind-the-scenes interviews with the actors and filmmakers.

As for now, the project is in the all-important development phase. We're interviewing crew people and lining up deals and partnerships to facilitate making and distributing the movie.

We've also begun casting: Vincent Pastore of "The Sopranos" will appear in the role of Vinnie DeMarco.

The aspect of "Pinch Me!" that has found its way farthest down the path to completion is the soundtrack. Willie Nile has written and recorded a theme song and four other tunes for the film already.  And Eminent Records recording artist Heather Eatman has written another beautiful song for the film, "How." That song can be heard on Heather's new CD, "Real." Another song we're very excited about is "Once in a Lullaby," a beautiful ballad featuring Willie Nile and Warner Brothers/Giant recording artist Michelle Lewis.

Discussions are under way with several other artists to contribute to what promises to be the greatest soundtrack ever found on an indie film.

It's been a very long and difficult road getting "Pinch Me!" off the
ground, but it finally looks like pre-production and casting will be under
way soon!

Check back in here at the Update section of the "Pinch Me!" website for more news as it develops, or just click on any of the "contact us" links and give us your name and email address to receive the occasional "Pinch Me!" e-newsletter** whenever there's progress on the movie to report.

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